How to create a personal signature in Hotmail

Like the other popular web based free mailing services, Hotmail also allows creating an email signature. The email signature is basically a text or message that will be automatically included at the end of every email messages of the sender. But before that you have to learn how it can be created. The feature can be found under the ‘hotmail settings’ or ‘options’ section.

How to create a personal signature in Hotmail
How to create a personal signature in Hotmail

What is email signature?

Normally an email signature contains the things like person’s name, contact details, website, etc. Many people also use them for the business purposes too. It can be used to make the customers aware of the latest products, services, etc. If you are using email programs like Outlook Express or Windows Mail, you can also use your business logo as the email signature. Anyway, it is entirely up to you that you want to go for a long or a short email signature.

Setting up email signature for the Hotmail

To create an email signature into the hotmail, first of all, go to the ‘options’ from the hotmail inbox. Once you are in the ‘options’ section, click on the ‘personal email signature’ and then choose ‘customize your mail’.
You can create a hotmail email in three ways. They are:

How to create a personal signature in Hotmail
How to create a personal signature in Hotmail

1. Rich Text: through this you can place your signature text with any color that you like. You can also add links and photos, etc. All the options are advanced.
2. Edit in HTML: If you are comfortable in editing with the HTML, then select this option. You can use any HTML tag that you want. Use the standard tags to format your signature.
3. Plain text: This is just a simple plain text – Vanilla flavored signature.
These are the simple and easy steps for creating an email signature. Hope you liked this article.

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