How to send a file attachment file with hotmail

Email does not require being text only. Often, we require sending attached files (like – documents, photos, etc.) along with the txt via email. Actually, one can attach anything and send them along with the text. Normally, we require send the files like Word files, Excel spread sheet documents, photos, zip files, etc. In this article we will discuss on how to send a file attachment file with windows live hotmail.


File Attachment with Hotmail.com

To attach a file to a message of Hotmail-Outlook.com, just go through the following steps:
1. Login to your hotmail account and go to the inbox.
2. Start composing a new email.
3. Write your message at the text filed.
4. Under the option ‘insert’, click ‘attachments’.
5. From the pop up window find the file you to be attached.
6. Select your file from your hard disk and then, click ‘open’ or ‘choose’.
7. Wait for the process of uploading.
8. After the file is fully uploaded you can attach another file or can continue editing your message.
9. Click on the ‘send’ button to send the message along with the attached file to the sender.

File types for the attachment

It is clearly mentioned on the page of Windows help and support that “Although Hotmail Mail will allow you to attach a file of any type, for security reasons many e mail programs (including Hotmail Mail) prevent recipients from opening executable file attachments, such as those with .exe, .bat, and .inf file name extensions.” Hence, try to send .exe, .bat, and .inf files through .zip format. Otherwise, they might not open into the browser of the receiver. The automatic antivirus of your email service provider will also block them from opening.
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